Give you and your child the gift of a restful sleep

Hi, I'm Sarah

Sarah and Maya happy

I am a Registered Occupational Therapist and Holistic Sleep Coach. I have been working with children and their families for over 14 years.

During my practice in Germany, Austria, USA, Mexico and Canada I have learned about the importance of taking each family’s individual culture, strengths, resources and challenges into account. Working in Early Intervention as an Occupational Therapist as well as a sleep coach is my biggest passion. 

In 2011, after 4 wonderful years in Yucatan, Mexico where I had my own Occupational Therapy clinic,  I moved to Vancouver where I now live with my husband and our beautiful daughter Maya. In 2018 I founded “Holistic Sleep Solutions”  where I provide sleep coaching for babies, toddlers, older children and their family.

Parents with newborn

   What I DO stand for

  • Using a gentle and attachment-based approach.
  • Your child’s sleep problem is a symptom, not the problem. I therefore look at all aspects that can impact sleep in a holistic way.
  • Educating you and making you an (even better) expert on your child so that you can thrive (eventually without me).
  • Considering and involving not only the child but also the child’s support system in the coaching process.
  • Setting personalized achievable goals together with you considering your values, parenting style and routines.
  • I believe that every child and family is full of resources and potential. I make use of this to help you overcome your challenges.
  • Change takes time, effort and consistency, hang in there!
Baby no cry it out to sleep

   What I DO NOT stand for

  • Having your child “cry it out” or using controlled crying.
  • Seeing one problem as isolated.
  • Making you depend on me/my help.
  • “Drop off” intervention.
  • Promising “quick fixes”.
  • Using “cookie cutter strategies”.
  • Strategies that work for ME but not for YOU.

Client love:

“I had such a good experience with Sarah. I wish I had spoken to her earlier, it would have saved me lots of restless and sleepless nights. She listens carefully to the family situation and recommends sleep solutions that fit. After the call, she also provides a detailed written follow up which I found useful to refer to especially with my baby brain going on. The follow up call a few weeks later is also good as we review what worked and what didn’t and tweak the sleep plan more. I’m so glad I found her.” (Jenny, mother of 18 month old)

“Sarah was amazing at helping us get our child to sleep! We never thought we would need help with our 3rd child and considered ourselves pros! We were desperate and her approach was amazing and she was a pleasure to work with!“ (Susan, mother of 9 month old)

“Sarah is very friendly and solution focused. She combines her knowledge and experience as an occupational therapist and a sleep coach which helped us understand all the factors that impacted our son’s sleep, like his altered sleep architecture due to his ASD and his anxiety. Once we identified and addressed all of the underlying factors and implemented her hands on and easy to use strategies, our son was able to finally sleep in his own bed without needing us at night. We are forever thankful for her valuable support.” (Megan & Steven, parents of 5 year old)

“I believe that with my expansive knowledge and experience and your parental instincts and expertise we form a powerful team to help you reach your goals. I am committed and passionate to help you with practical and hands on solution based strategies to improve your child’s sleep.”


  • To educate and empower you to help set your child(ren) up for a successful sleep.
  • To provide quality care to your family with a gentle, holistic and attachment based approach.
  • To customize my service to your family’s individual circumstances and needs using evidence based practice.
  • To support you in becoming a (more) confident parent.


  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Making a difference
  • Empowering children & their family

Sleep coaching for babies, toddlers and beyond ...

I strongly believe that using a holistic approach, working strength based and family centered with each family is the key to reaching your goals. Empowering children and their families in a supportive and empathetic way is one of my strengths as a professional.