Give you and your child the wonderful gift of


I work with whatever your family's sleep goals are

My methods are based on a holistic, family-centered assessment and will take into consideration your unique situation and family dynamic. I have an extensive knowledge of child development and sleep biology and am able to help you identify the triggers, patterns of behaviour and external factors contributing to your child’s sleep problems. Together, we will work out the most achievable, acceptable and realistic sleep solution that works for you and your family.
    • Need your 4-month-old to be able to nap longer than 30 minutes?
    • Does your toddler have anxiety stopping them from sleeping?
    • Does your child have combined eating, sleep and behaviour challenges?
    • Are you sick of your 8-month-old only napping in your arms?
    • Is your 3-year-old needing to hold your hand to fall asleep?
    • Are you done with your child taking over your bed but don’t know how to move them (back) to their own bed?

      I offer sleep coaching for children of all ages.