What participants say about the workshops:

“Good substantial information from a highly knowledgeable professional in their field. The information provided was very well organized, well presented and very well articulated. I will take back some of the knowledge learned today and apply them to my own sleep practices.”

“Thank you so much for a fantastic webinar! I loved it and learned SO much that helps me understand my little guy better. We’ve already started implementing some strategies and he seems to really like it!” 

“I learned many new things and it validated many of the things we were already doing. I love the sense of community that is created when participating in your workshop.”

“I loved your webinar! It was just the right balance of sleep info and tips and tricks – will certainly allow myself to be inspired when going forward in my own journey as a sleep coach.”


"Making sense of picky eaters - How to end the power struggle"

Let’s talk picky eating! In this parent education workshop, you will learn all the aspects that are involved in having successful mealtimes.

Eating is one of the most important and complex tasks a child will ever learn. It might seem so easy to learn but there are a lot of factors that can get in the way of a child being successful at eating. Join me in the workshop where we will dive deep into the world of picky eaters. You will learn hands-on strategies to create more successful and relaxed mealtimes for the whole family and how to encourage your child to be willing to explore new foods.

How to manage your child’s challenging behaviors & teach emotion-regulation

In this parent education workshop, you will learn about common causes of challenging behaviours in kids and how to manage them. Experienced Occupational Therapist and holistic sleep coach Sarah Fenrich will share many easy-to-apply strategies to prevent and better cope with difficult behaviours in children while teaching them emotion-regulation strategies that they will benefit from a lifetime.

Making Sense of common sleep challenges in children”

Is your child:

  • Showing nighttime fears?
  • Going to bed too late?
  • Taking long to fall asleep?
  • Showing bedtime resistance?
  • Suffering from frequent nightmares or night terrors?
  • Waking up at night?

 Then this workshop is for you!

In this parent education workshop, you will learn about common sleep challenges, underlying factors & easy-to-apply strategies to get your child sleeping better in no time.

“Wide awake – Why children with autism struggle with sleep & how to help”

More than 50% of children with Autism experience sleep challenges that impact their mood, behaviour and overall level of functioning. In this workshop, you will learn why children with ASD often struggle with sleep and learn valuable strategies on how to optimize their sleep. 

Note: Autism funding can be used for parent education workshops related to ASD. Contact AFU for further information.

Picky eating & sleep - Interview with Sarah Fenrich

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