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Interview with Sharon Selby from “Toddler to Teen Anxiety Solutions

In this 45-minute interview Sharon Selby (a Vancouver-based Registered Clinical Counselor) and Sarah Fenrich (Holistic Sleep Coach & Occupational Therapist) discuss “how anxiety affects sleep in children and how to help”. Sharon also offers 1:1 coaching and groups for children with anxiety.

Guest speaker at “Powerhouse” Mom’s group

Are you an expecting or a new parent wondering about how much sleep your child should be getting? Do you feel confused by all the information you find when looking for answers to improve your child’s sleep? In this FREE 60-minute webinar on

“Getting Your Baby’s Sleep Off To A Good Start” you will learn about your baby’s sleep development in the first year and get hands-on strategies to set you and your baby up for a good night’s sleep right from the start.