What I DO stand for

  • Using a gentle and attachment-based approach.
  • Your child’s sleep problem is a symptom, not the problem. I, therefore, look at all aspects that can impact your child’s sleep.
  • Educating you and making you as parents (even better) experts on your child so that you can thrive (eventually without me).
  • Setting personalized achievable goals together with you considering your values, parenting style and routines.
  • I believe that every child and family is full of resources and potential, and I make use of this to help you overcome your challenges.
  • Change takes time, effort and consistency. Hang in there!

   What I DO NOT stand for

  • Having your child “cry it out” or using controlled crying.
  • Pathologizing what is developmentally “normal”.
  • Seeing one problem as isolated.
  • Addressing sleep while ignoring possible underlying medical issues.
  • Making you depend on me/my help.
  • “Drop off” intervention.
  • Promising “quick fixes”.
  • Using “cookie-cutter strategies”.
  • Strategies that work for ME but not for YOU.

I strongly believe that using a holistic approach, working strength-based and family-centered with each family is the key to reaching your goals. Empowering children and their families in a supportive and empathetic way is one of my strengths as a professional. With your parental instincts and expertise and my expansive knowledge and experience, we form a powerful team to help you reach your goals. I am committed and passionate to help you optimize not only your child’s but the whole family’s sleep.


“Sarah is amazing! She really knows her stuff about helping children sleep. We were having so much difficulty with our daughter and learning techniques from Sarah helped our whole family be able to sleep well and allowed us to be better parents! I love her kind approach and highly recommend her to all my parent friends now”. (Adina, mom of 3-year-old girl)

“Sarah was amazing at helping us get our child to sleep! We never thought we would need help with our 3rd child and considered ourselves pros! We were desperate and her approach was amazing and she was a pleasure to work with!“ (Susan, mom of 2 year old)

“Sarah is very friendly and solution focused. She combines her knowledge and experience as an OT and  sleep coach which helped us understand all the factors that impacted our son’s sleep, like his altered sleep architecture due to his ASD and his anxiety. Once we identified and addressed all of the underlying factors, our son was able to finally sleep in his own bed . We are forever thankful for her valuable support.” (Megan & Steven, parents of 5-year old)

“Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She helped us see things we were not aware we were doing wrong and gave us many useful techniques and new approaches to consider. If you’re struggling with getting your little one to sleep I’d highly recommend meeting with Sarah.” (Jason, father of 6-year old)